Always wanted to belt out a good tune? We’ve got the voice teacher for you! Our vocal lessons can help you with all kinds of popular music but also with opera and music theater performances.  Each week, you can work on physical exercises to improve your vocal range, ear training, enunciation, breath control and more!  Each student sets goals with the teacher, based on the kinds of music you love to perform.

Why should we take voice lessons at the Academy?‍

Our teachers are warm and friendly, and they get to know each student and parent. We work with each student to develop a lesson plan that fits the student’s unique needs and favorite type of music. If you want to sing popular songs in a band, develop a classical singing voice or join your church’s worship team, we can help!  Our vocal teachers love singing, and we’ll get to know what you want to accomplish musically and help you achieve your goals. 

What ages do you teach?‍

This is controversial in some circles because it’s easier to damage the vocal cords of a child than those of an adult.  It’s true that young voices can be harmed if they’re trying to belt out show tunes at arena-filling volumes.  But children can learn lots of musical concepts that will set them up for success in future voice lessons, like ear training, counting, proper breathing and posture, and more.  They can also sing as long as they are not “belting” or trying to sing notes out of their range.  Our teachers can help them learn safe, fun ways to express themselves musically and still maintain their vocal health.  Call us! We can help you decide if your student is ready for lessons.

Do I need to know how to read music?

No, but we can help you learn.  Absolute beginners are welcome here.

Are there recitals?‍

We don’t have the sort of recitals where you have to sing operatic arias from memory for stern-faced judges.  We DO have fun student showcases in summer and winter; you can sing the music you love for your friends and family.  Our showcases are not in some corner of the store but in a nice venue with sound, lighting, and video recording – you can be on YouTube if you want to! This is a great opportunity for your family from far away to see your progress.  And, unlike some, we don’t charge a fee to perform.

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