Although we're proud of all the keyboard instruments we sell, organs are where we got our start, and we are still quite fond of them. We are Wichita's largest home organ dealer.

Lowrey is much more than just an organ brand; it's an easy way to learn to play music. More information about this great program is on Lowrey's Web site (here), and also at the left on the "Classes" tab.

We have classes for beginners starting often, classes for more advanced organists, and a monthly Organ Club for players of all levels. If you're interested in a fun hobby, you owe it to yourself to "learn to play the Lowrey way."

Although we usually have several used organs of varying brands available, we almost always have a used Hammond classic console organ, often a B-3. These organs are reconditioned by our service department, and are reliable, lovable instruments.

You may need to add an external speaker to your Hammond. We are authorized dealers for Leslie. These speakers are built to reproduce the unique sounds of the Hammond organ. Of course, we can repair your Leslie as well.

Stop by the store! We don't think you'll find a larger selection of organs in Kansas.
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